US law enforcement agencies need more support; accurate reporting is key.

Understaffed and overworked law enforcement personnel are struggling to keep up with the demands of their communities. Media reports and politicians may cherry pick crime statistics to produce attention-getting stories, but the truth remains:  law enforcement, justice and victim advocacy professionals need a quicker, easier, more reliable way to collect, report and analyze the data…

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Must-Have Features in Case Management Software

Must Have Features for case management software

Victim advocates play an essential role after law enforcement interviews to ensure victims’ needs are met, securing food, shelter, counseling and contact information for specialized services.  Listening with a trained ear, and connecting victims to appropriate and available services are fundamental to the job. Via text, chat, email, phone or face to face, compassionate, trauma-informed,…

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Mass Shootings & Assistance for Victims

What Is A Mass Shooting? Mass shootings have become an overwhelming issue since the turn of the century. The definition of a “mass shooting” is one of constant debate, but the most agreed upon definition thus far comes from Congress’s definition of a mass killing, which is three or more people killed in a single…

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