More time with victims, not paperwork

Complete an entire week's worth of paperwork or grant reports in less than 30 minutes.

Driven by Passion. Fueled by Technology.

VST software is a digital solution that allows Victim Advocates to complete a week’s worth of paperwork and grant reports in less than
30 minutes.

The Advocate Advantage

The Advocate Advantage is an enthusiastic group of professionals with deep criminal justice and victim advocacy experience who are passionate about helping others. Our technology solutions make it easy to capture all details required to track, manage, analyze and report on incidents and cases every step of the way. Fueled by passion from firsthand experience, we exist to empower victim advocates and criminal justice professionals through our empathetic approach, knowledgeable staff, and reliable technology.

Advocate Tech Solutions For:

Victim Advocates

Victim Service Providers

Grant Administrators

Our software is built from the ground up by professionals with deep criminal and victim advocacy experience.

We know you are stretched thin - with budget and staff. We knew there must be a better way to help people like us, who just want to help as many victims as possible. We get it - and we're here for you.

Customer Testimonials

"My overall experience with VSTracking has been phenomenal. The software was truly designed with advocates in mind. The entire team is both reachable and teachable. What I love most about VSTracking is how portable and easy-to-use it is. The software allows me to document and report to my grant from anywhere, at any time.”

Stacy L.

Victim Advocate

I really like the reporting features. It mirrors the VOCA grant which makes it easy to get accurate statistics on victims. I do appreciate that someone gets back to you promptly when there are technical difficulties.

Janet M.

V.A. Coordinator

I do not know how I managed before this software, it has turned multiple steps of documentation into one very easy step! I absolutely love this software and all the support received from the company itself has made my work so much more efficient!

Selena R.

Victim Advocate

The reports are great. So much easier to provide data for grant reporting. The victimization category already has essential data pre-entered for use with our VOCA grant. You can also add your own criteria for your tracking purposes. I appreciate their customer service and willingness to make changes or assist when the needs arise.

Leigh F.

Victim Advocate & Forensic Interviewer

The amount of time that we had to allocate towards reporting has been greatly reduced and is much more accurate than what we were doing. It would be very h​ard for our office to function without this product.

Ruth M.

Government Relations

It's been a new dimension in software for our agency... Love the product features and capabilities. Very user-friendly features that strategically free up quite a bit of my time, especially with VOCA compliance and reporting.

Bridget M.

Victim Advocate & Forensic Interviewer

Whether you're in Law Enforcement or a Victim Advocate,

Advocate Advantage can help you do far more in less time.

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