VSTracking pricing is flat rate, so there are no additional fees for more seats.

Since we have experience as Victim Advocates, we know every department is different. Our products can be customized right down to the individual level, saving you from "workarounds" that waste precious time.

We don't outsource our customer support. We answer our own phones and email, right here in the United States. We're not big on complicated phone trees, either - if you call us during business hours, we answer. We strive to provide the best possible customer service. 

In a word, experience. We've been in your shoes. Our software wasn't built by an outsider - we did it ourselves. We built it for us, then we realized that we could help so many people in our industry. We believe that it's a great product that will save you precious time and resources... something we all have a short supply of these days.

Another reason we developed our software is work/life balance. We know that you are probably just going to fill those hours helping more victims. Isn't that why we do this in the first place? But we do truly hope that the time you save means you can get home at a decent hour. We are working on making it even better, all the time, and we welcome input from our customers and colleagues.


Whether you're in Law Enforcement or a Victim Advocate,

Advocate Advantage can help you do far more in less time.

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